The historical background of the project


163 Big Jump were organized in 2016, overall Europe, for the rivers !

The campaign continues until 2021, deadline for the Water Framework Directive (WFD).


Dear friends of rivers and Big Jumpers,

That was a Great BIG Jump 2015, the last one of the 2005-2015 cycle. Together with all of you we have reached our objective : over 400 registered events and many not registered actions has been organized in 28 european countrys on July 12. All in all over 2700 actions has been managed with a high media impact during ten years.

2015 is an important year : According to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) all surface waters should be in a good ecological status. In other words : it should be possible to swim everywhere where there is no security risk. Unfortunately, this ambitious goal is in the best cases only reached to 50%. In most of European countries, only 30 to 50% of certain water sections reached the required status. National governments now have to justify the delays and possibly obtain prolongation terms until 2021 or 2027.

Our Big Jump 2015 has celebrated the successes and protested against what did not work.

As you already know a parallel Big Jump event for the youth, the Big Jump Challenge (BJC), has been organized this year. The BJC is co-organised with the research platform GETIDOS in Germany and many partners. The BJC aims at raising the awareness of the European youth on water protection challenges. Young river ambassadors from 14 countries have participated in the Big Jump Challenge including a European River Parliament in Brussels 8-13 July demanding clean rivers for THEIR future trough a Manifest. More info can be found on those website: Thank you to all youngsters for this highly symbolic Youth event which is closing the Big Jump 2005 – 2015.

AGRANDIR LA CARTE (plein écran)

2011 to 2014

Between 150 and 250 Big Jump were organized from 2011 to 2014, which is an excellent result for intermediary years.


This Europeen wide Big Jump 2010 was a real Biiiiig Jump! 250 officials and up to 400 unofficals/privates Big Jumps in approximately 20 countries have been organized. Thank you all.


(édition régionale)  Good participation for this year! 20 in Belgium and Luxembourg, 18 in Germany, 10 in France, 9 in Spain, 9 in Netherland, 7 in Italy, 3 in Hungary….


(édition régionale) Good participation. More than 80 Big Jump overall Europe, even if the weather wasn’t great in most countries! Germany : 20, Belgium : 18, Spain 22, France : 6, others : 15.


(intermediary year) A serie of local Big Jumps are launched in regions with low partizipation in 2005 as well as a preversion of a mediterranean BJ ! : Date July 15 , 3 pm ( GMT + 2). More then 120 Big Jump in 15 countrys was realized – again a great success !


(intermediary year) More than 44 Big Jumps overall in Europe.


The preparatory phase starts. WWF, EEB (EEB : European Environmental Bureau regrouping European NGO’s) and RhineNet (EU interreg Program) supports Big Jump. Many regional partners join BJ ! 17.07.05 : Big Jump 2005 – the First European River Swimming Day – was a phantastic river celebration ! Estimated 200-300 000 participants across Europe ! Thank you ! Extraordinary participation in Big Jump: 31 rivers, 22 countries, 216 official actions, 240 spontaneous non official jumps, 250 000 people, and an extraordinary coverage by media.

Report in french or english Bathing and event places (map)


17th of July, ERN officialy announces by press release officially the BIG JUMP 2005 -2010 – 2015 and the official multilingual website is opened !


ERN starts the preparation of the campaign (ateliers, workshops, promoting tour through Europe).


14 of July:  The First international Elbe Swimming Day was a big success (55 swimmingplaces along 1000 km from the spring (Czech Republik) to Hamburg). 5 years before the event no body could believe that the river Elbe would become the longest freshwater beach (at least for one day) when the river Elbe was in 1989 the most polluted river in Europe ! 100 000 citizens celebrated the River Elbe. After the big success, ERN European Rivers Network plans a european wide River swimming day, the BIG JUMP. The feasibility study was positive.