How to participate?

If you are interested to become a local organizer and / or a transregional or regional coordinator

Contact us for any questions. Once you’ll be an official partner (Big Jump Label), we’ll send you guidelines, checklists, information material on water quality, files with logos, posters, tee shirts and more.

The role of a local organizer :

If we have a regional coordinator in your region, you will be connected, if not, then the BIG JUMP Main office will be your partner. Your tasks :

– organizing at least one event linked to the BIG JUMP.
– covering the information to the local citizens and the local medias.
– organizing security.
– local foundraising.
– participate in common actions or side events in your region.

The role of a regional coordinator :
– searching local organizers for bathing events in your region,
– coordinate the local events and the regional communication and media work for the 2005 event (or more)
– participating in regional and local foundraising

The role of a transregional coordinator :

– you are officially a part of the leading Steering comity who manage the Big Jump. You represent the Big Jump in your country and / or european region.

– you cover the work with the european and national medias in your sector in cooperation with ERN.
– you help to mobilize funds for the umbrella activities and for regional coordinators
– you search and support regional coordinators in your sector. ( logistic, translation, media contacts, lobbying…)

For individual person:

Consult our map or the list of the partners and find the next potential bathing place and the regional coordinator or the local organizer. Ask how you can help and participate in the event and the preparation or just jump with friends in the river. Don’t hesitate to send us a mail with pictures to the following adress: info_bigjump(a)

Please swim only on controlled areas. Check for NO Danger ! River swimming can be dangerous !

You wish become partner or sponsor for the Big Jump :