As you know, this year’s Big Jump is Free Flowing Rivers themed and it will witness hundreds of jumps in the river to raise the voice against dams and other barriers in our streams (register to participate here). The event will also see the first ever European Dam Removal Simultaneous Action – July 5th to 11th on (the platform is available in multiple languages).

Please join us, jump, participate, donate and spread the word to help us raise the profile of dam removal as a key restoration measure!


  • Because it’s a chance to show an European united front about the need to remove damaging river obstacles
  • Because it’s crucial to place dams among the top environmental threats’ list
  • Because this will be a pioneer international citizens action to show governments that people DO care about dam removal
  • Because  the media LOVES the Big Jump event and covers it massively
  • Because it’s the summer and wet & wild news are always a hit with the press
  • Because you can use the opportunity to shine the light on your local freshwater related issues


  • Sharing the news among your local press as well as your followers, encouraging them to participate and spread the voice through a press release, newsletter/direct mailing and social media – Outreach toolkit and visuals folders on comms pack


  • Contacting your membership, donors and partner databases and inviting them to donate and/or start fundraising through the platform, reaching out to their network – Invitations and email templates available on comms pack



We’ve created a wealth of fantastic content to adapt and use, including press release, social posts, great visuals (illustrations and photos), banners, maps, invitations & thank you cards, info presentations, video etc. We’ve also included editable files so you can translate them into your own language.

You can find it all in this communications pack


This 2021 the Big Jump event will gather people’s and media’s interest across Europe with over 400 groups and organizations participating. The event will be dam removal themed and it will witness the first ever international joint and simultaneous action to remove barriers. All together, at the same time, through the platform  

The barriers we’re crowdfunding for are located in Spain, UK, France, Italy, Ukraine and Germany.

This initiative will not only get rid of old and useless obstacles across Europe, but it will dramatically raise the awareness level about the importance of this overlooked and understated measure for river restoration and nature conservation. Dam Removal is THE fastest and most cost effective measure to recover entire ecosystems


  • There are more than 1 million obstacles in Europe
  • About 150,000 of them are abandoned and have no use
  • An estimated 600.000 are under 2m height (most of them overlooked, uncharted and underestimated)

With this action we wish dam removal to climb up to the top environmental priority actions in every European government’s agenda.

This initiative is led by WWF as part of the #RiversUnlocked movement in partnership with the Big Jump event and the Dam Removal Europe coalition

Contact :

Carmen Arufe | Communications coordinator | WWF Living European Rivers Initiative    +34 667 396 767